So, would it be stupid of me to get a red Corellian Bloodstripe tattoo down my whole leg? Or should I do it?

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Recycling flower tattoo.

Recycling flower tattoo.

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My tattoos.

I have two currently, one on either shoulder blade, as you can see down there.
The rectangle is a Stage Pin lighting connector, it’s the socket side of the plug (called the female end). If you are confused, think about how a cord goes into a wall. Both of my tattoos are basically what you would see on the wall.
The circular tattoo is a Twist Lock connector, with the same basic principle, again, the female end.

Lighting is my passion, my way of expressing myself, and hopefully, my career. And so I have these to show that.

The bull is a little less self-explanatory, but I will post about that in depth at a later date.

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