I wrote a new song today.

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I got a jobbbb

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Male bodied misandrist 2k14.

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aging computer requires camera —-> takes a selfie

aging computer requires camera —-> takes a selfie

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Obligatory Packing Selfie

Obligatory Packing Selfie

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Nothing says “I’m real tired of yr shit diabetes” like a 2am peanut butter selfie.

Nothing says “I’m real tired of yr shit diabetes” like a 2am peanut butter selfie.

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I am pleased to announce that I have been chosen as the Exhibit Operations Electrician for the Center Of Science & Industry - COSI - in Columbus Ohio!

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Tonight we fly to Columbus for my interview.

I know I haven’t been actually blogging all week, and I may not
blog much at all for a while. Life is actually happening to me,
and it’s amazing and beautiful and just a whirlwind of awesome.

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This is one of those dumb list things about kids writing shit on tests.

And it is mostly dumb. Except for 31. In 31, the teacher writes “Jathan… oh dear!” as a response.

Except Jathan isn’t a common name.

And that isn’t a common way to do the letter h.

Because this is my test from Chemistry with Mr. Smith.

I’m on the internet. I’m number 31 of 38 on this list.

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